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Welcome to Grange Farm Lowton

Known for providing the best hardwood kiln dried logs in the northwest, supplying fresh local produce and hosting fun-filled events.

Our Story

Grange Farm is a family-run, first-generation farm based in Lowton, Cheshire.


Whether you’re looking to shop local, somewhere to enjoy a hearty meal cooked with fresh ingredients, or a day out with friends and family, Grange Farm Lowton is a must-visit in the area. 


And owners Andrew and Leanne have had quite the journey to get here! When Andrew took over the farm in 1998, it hadn’t been a working farm in two decades. He moved his landscaping business to the farm that same year, and quickly became one of the top suppliers for quality hardwood kiln dried logs in the area.


In the years since then, the farm has undergone a complete transformation. 


We have dedicated ourselves to creating a pocket of countryside peace for you to enjoy. We've breathed new life into our buildings, converted the barn into a delightful restaurant, and introduced our signature herd of Highland cows – you’ll see them dotting the fields as you arrive!


But we didn't want to stop there. We’ve also diversified the experiences you can enjoy at the farm, and have introduced seasonal and family-friendly events.  

Read more about our story below!

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The Farm Shop

When Andrew was 12, he started his first dive into business, selling fruit and veg door-to-door. The Grange Farm Shop today has grown into a much larger version of that, but we still pride ourselves on our personalised shopping experience. When you shop at the Farm Shop, you’re shopping with a personal touch that you won’t find at any big-name supermarket. Our staff love to have a chat with our regulars, and are always on hand to help you find what you’re looking for! 


Locally sourced produce is unbeatable in quality. It hasn't spent days in storage before you pick it up. In fact, the produce we sell in our shop comes from within 15 miles of the farm (or from Grange Farm Lowton itself!), which means less mileage, a smaller impact on the environment, and freshness and quality as a priority. 

The Barn

The Barn restaurant is a charming converted barn and the perfect environment to wind down with a glass of wine and a tasty meal from our seasonal menu. 


Once a run-down building that had to be reconstructed  The Barn is now outfitted in a homely rustic style, with an open fireplace and a bar crafted from oak that Andrew himself cut and saved for a special project. 

We’re proud to provide fresh produce straight from farm to fork at The Barn. Getting food fresh from the field and to your plate, with as few steps between as possible – that’s what we’re all about. 

Image by Joseph Gonzalez


Our popular seasonal events began with pumpkin picking – with a twist. We’d been growing pumpkins on the farm and selling them in the shop, but one question our visitors asked time and again was: “Can we pick our own?”


So we opened the fields for you to do just that, and were blown away by the response: we sold thousands of pumpkins! But we didn’t want to do it by halves. We decided to turn the pumpkin-picking season into a full-blown event, complete with food stalls selling home-baked cakes and specialty hot drinks to warm you up, a designated pumpkin carving space, music, rides, costumed actors, and more! It’s not just pumpkin picking, it’s a day out fit for all the family.

Since then, it’s safe to say that we’ve become hooked on hosting fun-filled events!


We give each of our events our all, and there's something for everyone, from our now well-loved Pumpkin Festival to Christmas markets. Head to our seasonal events page or sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest!

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