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Welcome to
The Farm Shop

at Grange Farm Lowton

Support your local farmers and business owners while you shop! All produce sold in the Farm Shop is farm-fresh and sourced from within a 15 mile radius of our location. What does this mean for you? Unbeatable quality produce, better-tasting meals, and a significantly smaller impact on the environment!


Everything comes straight from local fields, to the shop (or the fork, if you’re dining at The Barn!), which means it’s all in season and only the freshest – you know it hasn't been sitting on a shelf or in transport for days before you eat it. 


Don’t just take our word for it – pop in for a cracking meal at The Barn and give the produce a try before shopping the ingredients yourself!

Fresh, Local Fruit and Veg

Come in and browse our selection of quality fruit and veg, all grown right here on Grange Farm Lowton or sourced locally from within a 15 mile radius. It doesn't get fresher than that! 

The taste that wholesome fruit and veg adds to your dishes is unmatched – customers at The Barn will agree!

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Plants and Garden

We have an impressive range of shrubs, plants and trees to compliment your garden space.

Our experts are also on hand to help you to choose the right garden plants to compliment your outdoor space.

Whether you are a ornamental gardener keen on sweet smelling flowers and creating your own hanging baskets or a practical gardener wanting to stock up on plants, shrubs and fruit trees to create an impressive garden design.


We have a wide range of personally selected colourful stock to help you choose from.


  • ​ Garden Plants

  •  Shrubs

  •  Ornamental Trees

  •  Fruit Tress

  •  Hanging Baskets

  •  Bedding Plants

  •  Alpines

  •  Vegetable Plants

  •  Compost

  •  Decorative Aggregates

  •  Garden Features

We also have seasonal favourites arriving daily around major holidays.

Small Local Businesses

We don’t just sell fruit and veg! The Warrington area is home to a fantastic community of small businesses, who we’ve teamed up with to offer a variety of artisan goods, perfect as extra treats or thoughtful gifts.  Here at Grange Farm Lowton, we are passionate about supporting small local businesses.


From jams, chutneys and chocolates, to candles, paintings and gifts. 


Come and see what's new!

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Are you a small business owner?

We’re always on the lookout for new small businesses to showcase in the Farm Shop. Is that you? We want to help your hard work get recognised! 


Get in touch to discuss displaying your stock in the shop!

A brand logo for Grange Farm Lowton depicting the letter GF with an illustration of a stem of barley

Pop in, you’re guaranteed to find something different each time!

Our stock changes regularly, so make sure to pop in and see the latest! Our friendly team of staff, are on hand to answer all your questions and help you to find everything you need. 

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